Disney Announces Wall•E Prequel

 Disney-Pixar has finally announced production on the long-awaited prequel to 2008’s Wall•E, the whimsical tale of a plucky robot who changes the lives of everyone with whom he comes in contact. Slated for 2018, returning director Andrew Stanton was excited to share full details about the planned sequel. “In this current cultural climate, I feel it’s important to share details,” Stanton explains of the disclosure. “Either someone leaks the script or you get hacked, so at least we get to spoil it on our own terms.”

According to Stanton, the prequel, titled Wall•E 2: World War Wall•E, takes place almost 700 years before the events o Wall•E. “We want to explore the events that made Wall•E, Wall•E,” Stanton explains. “Why is he so special? Is he the only one left? What happened to the other Wall•E robots?”
After mankind retreated to the depths of space, the Wall•Es are left to complete their task of cleaning Earth, a task that soon proves to be more difficult than anticipated. “Everybody assumes that the Wall•Es just broke down over time, but that’s simply not the case,” Stanton reveals. A glitch in the programming causes some of the Wall•Es to stack their cubes in horizontal lines, but others in vertical spires. “Neither side can agree on how to stack, and neither side will back down, so civil war breaks out.”
Enter Wall•E. His life begins as a soldier, fighting for the cause of vertical stacking. After several major battles, we see Wall•E become disenchanted with his life of combat. “He starts to wonder if it’s all worth it and begins looking for something deeper.”
That’s when he meets NANC•E (Neo-droid Activation and Nursery Care, Earth class), a “nursery” robot whose primary directive is to activate dormant Wall•E droids and give them their primary directive. “She represents the future of their kind,” explains Stanton. “She decides whether these new droids become casualties in an unjust war or peaceful workers, as they were meant to be.”
As the war costs more robot lives, the nursery becomes ground zero as both sides seek to control the next wave of Wall•Es. As both sides destroy one another, NANC•E lays down her life to protect the unactivated Wall•Es, a moment that will come to define our hero. “Wall•E is distraught at the loss of his first love, long before we meet EVE.” So distraught, he rips out his own processor and replaces it with a neo-droid’s. “He wants to forget,” says Stanton. “The horrors of war, the pain of love lost. This is what makes him so child-like. He is able to see things through new eyes, and although he is now alone, he can experience life and peace.”
Stanton promises a new Wall•E experience. “We accomplished all we wanted to do with the first movie, so we asked ourselves, ‘What can we do differently?’ The obvious answer was to give Wall•E a voice.”
Legendary sound designer Ben Burt is returning to create the iconic soundscape, but the director felt that to fully flesh out the character of Wall•E, they needed a strong voice actor. “Vin Diesel was our first and only choice, obviously,” says Stanton. “We needed someone to carry both the hardened soldier side and the emotional core this story. Vin is really the only one who can.” The rest of the cast includes Emma Stone as Nanc•E, Brian Cox as General Stacker, and R. Lee Ermey as a drill instructor.
“We’re so excited to bring you this untold chapter of Pixar history,” Stanton concludes,  “and we promise to bring you the same magic we always have! See you in 2018!” TMS

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