Top 5 Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends Episodes Ever!


Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends was an animated series created by Craig McCracken (Powerpuff Girls) that aired on Cartoon Network from 2004 to 2009. It answered the question What happens to the imaginary friends of the world once a child outgrows them? With a colorful cast of imaginary friends and some equally colorful humans,

Now that all 6 seasons of Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends are on Hulu, here’s a list of the 5 best episodes to make your viewing as easy as possible. Admittedly, it was difficult to narrow it down, so keep in mind there are WAY more than just 5 episodes worth watching. In most respects, this is really just a “my 5 favorite episodes” list, but I tried to focus on episodes that demonstrated the series’ writing strengths and not just the funniest episodes or episodes with Cheese (who is hilarious, btw).

5) Nightmare on Wilson Way
This special 3-D Halloween episode begins with Bloo’s hilarious Halloween prank going horribly wrong. Eventually, he recruits a candy-fueled Mac to help him fight his way through the horde of zombies that had taken over the house. Just a fun, fun episode!
4) Good Wilt Hunting
It’s Creator Day at Foster’s and all the friends get reunited with their original creators. All except Wilt, that is. No one knows who created Wilt, and when Wilt goes missing, it’s up to the rest of the friends and their creators to help find him. This episode gives some insight into why some of the friends are who they are and reveals a tragic secret from Wilt’s past that he must confront to be reunited with his creator.
3) The Big Cheese/The Little Peas
This is actually 2 different episodes from 2 different seasons. The Big Cheese starts with the whole house getting locked out because Mr. Herriman forgot the code to the security system he installed to keep Cheese from wandering in. Now, only Cheese knows the code, but they have to get him to sing it for them with hilarious results. On its own, The Big Cheese is a funny episode featuring fan-favorite Cheese with some of his best moments, but when you pair it with The Little Peas, it becomes great.
Peas is tiny. He’s about the size of a pea, has a Mickey Mouse voice, wears a thimble on his head, and is about the most positive imaginary friend you could ever imagine. The Little Peas recounts the events of The Big Cheese from the perspective of Peas, the diminutive friend who is locked inside the house. As he struggles to make it to the front door in an attempt to let everyone back in, we see the how the events from the Big Cheese affected him in his journey. The way The Little Peas is interwoven into The Big Cheese is just another way the show demonstrates its strength in writing.
2) The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power/The Bloo Superdude and the Great Creator of Everything’s Awesome Ceremony of Fun That He’s Not Invited To
Another pair of cross-seasonal episodes. In The Magic Potato of Power, we meet the Bloo Superdude, a creation of Bloo’s storytelling and a celebration of all things manly and 80s. He is a cybernetically enhanced barbarian-type hero with a bear arm and a t-Rex heart who bears a striking resemblance to Bloo. He must rescue a magic crystal entrusted to him by the Great Creator of Everything that has been taken by the evil Lord Snooty who hates fun. What makes these episodes great are the rich fantasy. So much of what is there is inspired or taken directly from 80s children’s television and Star Wars, but they are all deeply rooted in Bloo’s character. Also, the episodes are constructed around Bloo’s own imagination (an imaginary friend’s imagination… Meta, right?), tying fantasy and reality together in harmony. Plus, Superdude is the most awesome character ever. These are the only 2 episodes to feature the Bloo Superdude in any capacity so watch them!
1) Destination Imagination
Just an incredible piece of television. The episode begins with a mysterious toy chest appearing on the front step of Foster’s with a stern warning not to open it. Mr. Herriman has it locked in the attic, but Frankie, frustrated with Mr. Herriman’s constant micromanaging, goes into the attic and opens it. Inside, she finds an incredible world of toys and a friend, who may not be what it seems. As Frankie spends more time in the toy chest with the friend, Foster’s begins to fall apart without her care taking. Now Mac and the friends of Foster’s must go into the box and save Frankie. Without giving anything away, this is a wonderful story of hurt and reconciliation, and it’s really a story about Frankie, Foster’s much-put-upon caretaker. For anyone who follows the series, you know she puts up with a lot and she’s good at her job. This episode, one of the very last to air, becomes the payoff to all of her long-suffering.
There you go, the 5 greatest episodes of Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends! Never mind there’s 7 on the list of 5! It’s just more to watch!

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