Cthulhu’s Corner: A Week in the Abyss

Cthulhu's CornerOK I have to let myself off the hook a bit; this has been an awful week.  First of all, one of the bozos who runs this little ship (The Monthly Spew, and I had thus far managed to get by without mentioning it by name) thought this week would be a fabulous time to head out to Virginia Beach and get some sun. I’m all for spending more time in the ocean, but I took this editorship with the understanding that each would be pulling their own weight, and it has been increasingly difficult to manage my time to complete my masterwork, Dreams of R’lyeh.  Not only do I require a minimum– minimum—of 15 hours of slumber, but I have to find time to hit the clubs and unwind.  That’s my me time and its essential to my creativity and productivity.

Nextly, and I’m more than a little embarrassed to admit this, but I got a tendril caught in my coffee grinder.  I’m not fishing for sympathy here; it didn’t hurt. Besides, what can you foolish mortals know of the maintenance of facial tendrils? How can you sympathize with one such as me, whose greatness is beyond the comprehension of your feeble minds? No, the real tragedy is that it forced me to rethink my coffee situation again. I was so enraged at my folly that I poured out my wrath upon the grinder and threw it out the fifth story window of my apartment building. And I live on the second floor, which means I ran up three flights of steps and intruded upon my neighbor’s locked apartment to do this, so you begin to understand how vexed I was. Anyway, with the grinder destroyed, I swallowed my pride and returned to Starbucks. As I understand it, human beings can feel anxiety when confronting socially awkward situations— for instance, your regular Batista sleeping with your ex-best friend—but such base reactions are foreign to elder gods. Fortunately, it seemed that Arissa had gotten past the notion of Nyarlathotep ever calling her again since she at last declined to ask me if I had heard from (which I had not, nor have I since, should that reveal anything about his character).
So things have improved on that front and I am able to get back into the proper headspace for completing Dreams, but I had to relate the whole grinder story all over again to explain the uncontrollable bleeding.

Finally, to add to all that, the injunction city council had filed against the demolition of the old Asbestos Factory at the Edge of Town is about to expire, and word has it there might be another proposal being considered. I can’t know the details until the next city council meeting, but most proposals have thus far been in favor of demolition, and until a seat opens, my plans for running are on hold. All in all, a pretty miserable week. I’ll have to take an extra afternoon slumber to wash this one off.


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