Review: New Peeps Flavors for Halloween


Marshmallows are one of the greatest things about living.  S’mores, one of humanities most endearing creations, would not be possible with them.  I LOVE MARSHMALLOWS.

So, with all that being said, I don’t like the original Peeps.  I used to; a cute little animal in marshmallow form?  Awesome.  But they don’t really taste like regular marshmallows.  So once the novelty of the animal shapes wore off, so did any affection I had for Peeps.  UNTIL they started creating different flavored Peeps for certain holidays.  Sugar cookie, strawberry cream, chocolate mousse… these are the best things about Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  And Peeps has rolled out some new flavors for Halloween, let’s take a look.

Caramel Apple

The contrast of smooth, sweet caramel and the tart bite of a green apple is an American staple, and Peeps do well to keep to that contrast with a green apple flavored ‘mallow dipped in a caramel fudge.  While not the BEST caramel apple flavored treat I’ve ever had (I had a fun sized caramel apple Milky Way once that knocked my socks off) it is still up there towards the top.

Pumpkin Spice

Let’s not get our parties muddled up, I do not like the extreme stance America has taken on so called ‘Pumpkin Spice’.  But, seeing as this is the world of Peeps, I had to get over my prejudices and give in to these delectable treats.  Flavored like the spices that make pumpkin seem edible and dipped in white fudge, these are definitely a home run, regardless of how you feel about the current pumpkin spice trend.

Candy Corn

I didn’t get these because candy corn is awful.  You’re on your own.

Chocolate Mousse Cats

The chocolate mousse flavor is nothing new, there have been chocolate reindeer and bears for years prior to this being written, but since chocolate mousse is definitely my favorite flavor of peep, I had to get some.  A+

There are also new shapes of the original flavor of Peeps; ghosts, jack-o-lanterns… Pick those up if you want but, as I said previously, I don’t care for the original flavor all that much.

Happy Haunting!







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