Earth Too Dusty, NASA Study Asserts

The Earth is becoming too dusty, according to a NASA study, and the new dust being made daily has nowhere to go. 


"When was the last time you even cleaned?"

Since most dust is made of dead skin, NASA scientists theorized that new dust was being added to the ecosystem daily for thousands of years.  Add to that the amount of furniture made from wood over the course of history, and the results are staggering. 

“When people dust their homes or even vacuum,” says Dustin Wentz, one of the NASA scientists who authored the study, “they’re just moving dust from one place to another; they aren’t resolving the problem.  So all the dust created since the beginning of time is still covering the Earth.”

In addition to all the dust, advances in wind energy are contributing to the problem.  “Those giant fans are just blowing the stuff around,” adds Wentz.

With the entire globe in danger of a global Dust Bowl, science has once again provided the solution to an inevitable global environmental catastrophe:  Send a giant vacuum into space to clean the dust.


Artist's rendition of NASA's proposal.

“After she’s done vacuuming, she empties that bag into the sun, effectively destroying the excess dust,” Wentz explains of NASA’s proposal.  “We intend to tip her generously.”


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