Christmas Song Challenge Day 15

Day 15: A Sad Christmas Song

Christmas can be a joyous time for most, but the reality is it isn’t that way for everyone.  Whether it’s dealing with personal loss or hard times or any number of life’s many ways of applying the ol’ screwgie, this time of year can be tough.  So, first of all, don’t forget those people who might not have it so good this year, and then listen to these songs and have your feels spray out your eye holes.

Joey’s Pick: Matthew West – One Last Christmas

Inspired by a true story, this song tells about a town that pulled together to help celebrate Christmas for a little boy with leukemia who isn’t expected to make it to his favorite holiday.  The themes of loss and community are strong and is the perfect tearjerker for Christmas.  Listen at your own discretion.

Josh:  Punchline – Icicles

Icicles has been a favorite of mine for well over a decade now, since the first time I picked up A Santa Cause, a Christmas compilation featuring some of the era’s best punk & emo acts doing Christmas classics and originals.  But what made Icicles stand out was it’s dual vocal attack and start and stop dynamics, as well as heart-on-sleeve lyrics, with heavy lines like ‘And I know, how it feels/ to be spending a Christmas alone/ The presents you bought/ still remain in the closet/ wrapped up in boxes at home/ so far I haven’t got anything I wanted.’  Makes you want to rock out and weep all at the same time, every time.

Tumps: Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Old City Bar
Always makes me tear up. Usually right around the line “If one could be home, they’d be already there.”


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