Georgia Man Sells Kia Soul To Devil For Gold Fiddle

Daniel Charleston was willing to make a deal with the Devil.


An artist's depiction of a blue car. Calm down, it's interpretive.

“I had posted my 2005 Kia Soul on Craigslist about a year and a half ago,” he tells TMS. “By the time the Devil emailed me, I was getting pretty desperate.”

It seems the Devil was in a bit of a bind, as well. Low on cash and with a bad credit score, lenders were reluctant to finance him. That’s when he came across Daniel Charleston’s Craigslist ad.



“When the Devil showed up on my doorstep, of course I was a little skeptical,” says Charleston. “But I needed to get rid of the car, and for a gold fiddle, I thought I’d made a good deal.”

But the deal quickly went sour, for after the Devil drove off, Charleston went to have the fiddle appraised and, as it turns out, it’s just a regular fiddle, spray painted gold.


Weighs hundreds of pounds and sounds crummy.

“Who would have thought the Devil would turn out to be a liar?” Charleston laments. “But live and learn, I guess. I’d sue, but as it turns out, we have the same lawyer, and he advised me against it.”


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