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Three of our staffers with be hosting a panel at PCC16! Check it out!!!!

JR's Wild West

Hey guys!

It’s been MONTHS!  Things have been pretty crazy for me, been busy with a new house, a new beast friend (our dog Rahzar) and some job changes, but I hope to get back into posting things again soon.

I have several new sodas I have tried, I just need to take the time to review them, so look for those in the future.  I’ve also got several months of Record Club playlist I need to post.  But the biggest news is COMIC CON news!  I am so pleased to announce that I will be covering Smallville Comic Con (it will also be my first time there!) and that my friends Brandon (aka Megustaguy), Jessica and I will be hosting at panel at Planet Comic Con (which is always a blast) as well!  I’ll also start work on this year’s cosplays, so I might be posting about…

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Sasquatch Dropped As Jack Links Spokescreature


Following an FBI probe that uncovered hundreds of illicit images of underage Yetis, Jack Links, makers of finely crafted, perfectly seasoned dried meat products, have dropped Sasquatch as their spokescreature, content to leave him to spiral down in his own ugly vortex of bad decisions, public embarrassment, and self-destructive behavior.  Continue reading

NE Gov Pete Ricketts Promises To Execute Designer Of New State Plates

In response to the social media backlash against the hideous and unimaginative new license plates for the state of Nebraska, Gov. Pete “Daddy Warbucks” Ricketts has promised to execute the designer responsible.


Pete Ricketts could not be less interested in what you have to say.

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Bourne: In a Barn; Matt Damon Announces New Jason Bourne Trilogy

DOLLYWOOD, TN — Speaking from a podium carved from rocks stolen from the set of The Martian, Matt Damon recently announced that there were plans for a new trilogy of Jason Bourne movies in the works.  There is already a new Bourne movie (boringly titled ‘Jason Bourne’) scheduled for 2016 release, but this new trilogy will start after that release.  The title for the first of the new trilogy is ‘Bourne:  In a Barn’.
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Cardboard Cutout of Eli Manning Appears Unemotional At Peyton’s Retirement

The internet lit up in the days following the Super Bowl this year as Peyton Manning’s less talented but more attractive brother looked on listlessly as Peyton and the Denver Broncos bent the Carolina Panthers over their knee and gave them a good, old-fashioned NFL spanking.
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