Shocking New Game of Thrones Theory!

George RR Martin is declining to comment on a huge new theory about his long-running and hugely successful book series A Song of Ice and Fire and its TV adaptation Game of Thrones.  The theory posits that Westeros is actually a post-apocalyptic Earth, one which describes the fate of a Trump-led America.

The central thesis of the theory posits that the Wall, guarded by the Night’s Watch, is actually the remnants of the wall Donald Trump has idiotically proposed to build along America’s southern border.

Though this completely turns the Wall’s origin (per the books) on its head, there is precedent for not trusting the textual evidence at face value.  The inhabitants of Westeros’s Seven Kingdoms don’t always know their own history and much of it may in fact be little more than myths.  It is not impossible to believe that the original purpose of the Wall has been lost in the thousands of years since its construction.

According to the theory, after Trump’s presidential victory and construction of the Wall, America inevitably descended into anarchy and chaos.  The descendants of Trumpmerica became what the Seven Kingdoms know as Wildlings.  This theory argues that such a descent into barbarism likely took about a month under Trump’s deranged rule.  Those nations that would eventually become the Seven Kingdoms of A Song and Ice and Fire, recognized the danger and began manning Trump’s Wall themselves, turning it into a bastion against the orange maniac’s failed state.

Over the centuries the land that had once been the United States of America became a devastated and empty wasteland divided up by warring clans and tribes.  The White Walkers, again according to this theory, are actually direct descendants of the clearly inhuman Trump himself.