Graphic Dudity Episode 1: Convention Etiquette

In a continued effort to bring you thoughtful original content, TMS is proud (possibly indifferent) to present the first episode of Graphic Dudity by our own TMS staffers Josh X Henderson and Brandon Meseure!

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O Comic Con 2016

We had several staffers at O Con this year, here’s one of their write ups!

JR's Wild West

I returned to Council Bluffs, IA for the second year of O Comic Con this past Saturday.  I was very excited that Lauren Tom would be there, as she was the voice of Amy on Futurama and I could get her signature on the signed print I got last year with Billy and Maurice’s scribbles already on it.  I have never seen her at any of the other regional cons so I felt this may be my only chance and took the opportunity.  As she signed I told her how much I enjoyed Bad Santa, she informed me they are making a second one, but she won’t be in it!  Bummer.


Another continuation from last year was the climbing wall.  Last year I got a pick of my Assassin’s Creed Connor up the wall so I figured Jesse Custer could make the trek as well.  What can I say…

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