Pokemon GO: Campaign 2016 Edition Launched


Like everything else in entertainment right now Niantic is capitalizing on the upcoming US Presidential election by releasing a Campaing 2016 Edition of Pokemon Go.


This new version features pocket monsters based on the real monsters of American Politiccs from Trump and Hillary to failed candidates like sleepy weirdo Ben Carson and melted GI Joe Ted ‘Zodiac’ Cruz.


The attacks for the Pokémon are also specialized to the current political climate with move sets like Pussy Grab and Name Calling

Trump recently played the game, failed terribly, and, of course, claimed it was rigged.  He then later bragged he’s the best at catching them all and that he’s known for his ‘great’ and ‘yuge’ pokedex.  A hack of his phone later revealed his Pokedex was only at 12, mainly weedles and pidgeys.


Much like the original game and real life politics cheating is rampant, but if you do happen to see cheating of any kind don’t email Niantic, as your opponents will never quit mentioning the emails.






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