Golden Girl GIFs You Didn’t Know You Couldn’t Live Without 

What happens when 4 women who speak their minds all live together in a retirement community in Florida during the 90s? Tv history is made! For 8 seasons, the Girls made us laugh and cry and learn just a little bit more about ourselves. Their sly wit and caustic tongues have left an indelible mark on popular culture, so here are some of their best catty remarks for you and your squad to share.

  • When bae asks what you want for dinner.

    When dad pocket texts you.

    When your bro tries to talk about his weekend and you DGAF.

    When you just DGAF.

    When someone tries to tell you what to do.

    When your ex wishes you happy birthday.

    Morning people.

    When sarcasm only gets you so far.

    When your roast game is savage AF.

    When you try to make plans but you forgot.


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