Perfect Movies For Winter


The lights and cheer of Christmas are behind us so we’re in for the long haul of a cold, depressing winter, and what better way to pass the long dark days of winter then cold, depressing movies that echo our sad situation?  Here are the best movies to watch while cuddled up and wishing for spring.


Fargo – The Coen’s 1996 Oscar winning black comedy about a kidnapping plot gone terribly wrong not only reflects the bleakness of winter in it’s Minnesota setting but boasts strong performances from a fantastic cast as they navigate the ins and outs of another intricate and quotable Coen script.

A Simple Plan – Between directing cult classics like Evil Dead and mega blockbusters like the Spider-Man trilogy Sam Raimi made this neo noir thriller in 1998 which featured knockout performances by Billy Bob Thornton and the late Bill Paxton.  Although on paper it may seem like a Fargo knock-off as it’s another wintry crime flick based in Minnesota, critical praise and several awards nominations proved it was anything but.

The Hateful Eight – Tarantino’s eighth film centers around a colorful cast of characters trapped in a Wyoming ‘haberdashery’ as they wait out a blizzard.  The film is equal parts western and murder mystery and assembled a near all star cast of Tarantino veterans as well as some welcome new comers.  There’s no better way to wait out a snow storm yourself.

The Revenant – Leo finally earned his Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Hugh Glass in this ‘based on real events’ tale about a man who crawls back to civilization through the wilderness after being attacked by a bear and left for dead.  Visually stunning and also showcasing another brilliant performance by Tom Hardy, The Revenant is definitely must see winter viewing.

Everest – While the real events that inspired Everest occurred in May of 1996 watching this film in any other season than winter just wouldn’t be the same.  Everest tells the story of a party of climbers and professionals who get caught in a blizzard while attempting to summit Earth’s tallest peak.  And nothing helps a viewer empathize with this tale of death and survival than feeling a small bit of the cold themselves.





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