Leak Shows Niantic Partnership With Arbys!

Today dataminers from the Netherlands revealed on TheSilphRoad subreddit that they found this image and message in the latest update of Pokemon Go.


The message, translated to English from Dutch, reads as such:

“Greetings Trainers!  In this new year head to your nearest Arby’s for a chance to catch meaty, tasty Pokemon originally found in the Hoenn region such as Torkoal, Numel, Bagon, and more!  Also enjoy half buddy and incubator distances as well as increased fire type spawns, to celebrate the New Year and Arby’s new Buffalo Chicken Tenders!”

After the news of the leaked images reached news outlets they contacted Niantic for confirmation, who released an official statement admitting that they have partnered with Arby’s.  This is no surprise as Niantic has already partnered with Sprint, Starbucks, and Unibail Rodamco.  Arby’s locations worldwide will soon become Pokestops and Gyms, where players can collect items or battle their Pokemon.  They also hinted at possible promotions like earning Pokeballs and potions after eating so many Beef n Cheddars or being rewarded rare candy for 7 day ‘Arby’s streaks’.

What else could Niantic and Arby’s have in store for Pokemon Trainers?  Only time will tell.


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