How To Prepare For New Pokemon


With Niantic rolling out new Gen 3 Pokemon chunk by chunk it’s time we talk about the best way to utilize your resources to be the very best, like no one ever was.


With stardust being rarer since the gym update it can be tempting to feed your pinaps to mons in gyms for a small taste of that sweet, sweet dust, but it’s important to keep a stash of pinaps if you know new mons are coming.  These ‘berries’ will cut your hunting in half, doubling the candy you receive from catches, making evolutions much more accessible.



Lucky Eggs

If you are still on that XP grind all the New Pokemon bonuses you will receive could seriously help you level up fast if you have lucky eggs.  With a lucky egg on you will double the New Pokemon bonus from 500 XP to 1,000 XP.   Generation 3, for example, has 135 Pokemon, so, with the exception of some regionals, you are looking at at least 130,000 XP.  Plus the XP for evolving and even more if you have mastered curveballs, great, or excellent throws.  So definitely make sure you have lucky eggs on for new catches and try to have the patience to save your new evolutions for mass evolves.


Rare Candy

Rare candy are another in-game item that can help you get new evolutions faster.  Rare candy can be used on any Pokemon you want, so as long as you have a bunch saved, there will be no more waiting months to get enough candy from catches to evolve the rarest and most powerful of Pokemon.  Raids are the only way to receive rare candy so be sure to use your daily free raid passes and raid every day for these, probably the most important of all the in-game items.


Do Your Research

Knowing what Pokemon to prioritize and future evolution are coming can save you major headaches and regrets.  Knowing the stats on the upcoming Pokemon could save you from wasting resources evolving or powering up something that in the end isn’t very useful to the game meta.  Knowing something gets a new evolution in the next generation could save you from using all the candy you have in an ill-timed mass evolve. (True story)  Sites like Pokemon Go Hub, The Silph Road, and Gamepress and dedicated YouTubers are great for giving you the information and news you will need to know prior to the release of new Pokemon.


Eat Arbys

Rather self explanatory, I feel.


Other tips

Pokemon storage – Make sure you have room in your storage to actually catch all the new Pokemon.  Obvious, I know… but you’d be surprised.  Save your coins from gyms or drop some real cash if you have to.

Ditch your old eggs – Nothing can be more frustrating than hoping for a new Pokemon from an egg hatch and getting something you got sick of seeing in 2016.  Increase your chances of favorable hatches by hatching all those old eggs right before release and not spinning stops until the new Pokemon appear.  Do mentally prepare for a few disappointing hatches though, they WILL happen.

What do YOU do to prepare for new Pokemon?  Let us know in the comments section below or wherever you read this dang thing!  Maybe we’ll add it to the list!




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