Fast and Charged TMs have been available in Pokemon Go for a while now, but some attacks can’t be learned again after they have been changed, what Legacy moves should you keep?

My Body Slam Snorlaxes and Dragon Claw Dragonite are among some of my most prized Pokemon, and it got me wondering, what are the most coveted legacy movesets in Pokemon Go?  I asked my local Team Mystic chat and got a little feedback, but not much.  I tweeted some high profile youtubers and the Silph Road for input… never heard back from any of them.  I Googled, hoping to find that someone else had written an article or made a video… I found nothing but some speculation on Reddit.  Not useful.  So I set about doing my own research.


I found a list of all the legacy moves in the game.  Then I narrowed the list down to rare Pokemon, popular Pokemon, and those useful in the current meta.  From there I looked at how the Legacy moves performed compared to the new moves based on ratings from Gamepress, PokeBattler, and more.  Then I ranked them according to usefulness in my own opinion.

Now the world finally has some sort of an answer.

Was I right?  Did I miss anything?  What Legacy moves are you most proud of?  Let me know in the comments


Don’t TM These Legacy Moves!

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