New Peep Flavors for Christmas 2015

Every holiday brings holiday-specific treats.  Peeps are no different, and every holiday I look forward to what new flavors are available.  But before we get to what’s new this year, let’s recap some flavors from the last couple years.

Hot Cocoa & Cream

Chocolate ‘mallow in a white fudge.  So amazing.  Must have.

Candy Cane

I don’t like candy canes so I’ve never tried them, you’ll have to tell me.

Chocolate Mousse

Ah, the classic chocolate mousse.  Chocolate marshmallow in the shape of a reindeer.  So good.

Sugar Cookie

Let’s face it, as a cookie, sugar cookies pretty much suck.  As comedian Gary Gulman once stated  ‘A cookie without sugar is a cracker.’  So true.  You have failed us, sugar cookie.  But sugar cookie peeps?  Somehow delicious.  Sugar cookie flavored ‘mallow dipped in chocolate.  Thank you.  Probably my new favorite. (sorry, chocolate mousse)

NEW FOR 2015

Sugar Plum

Great idea, poorly executed.  These taste like… a fancy candle.  I ate one and the rest will never see action.


I’ll be honest, I’m not huge on gingerbread.  Real gingerbread?  No thanks.  Even Gingerbread Twix, while a fun novelty, almost ruin the awesomeness of Twix.  But these Gingerbread Peeps?  Actually really good.  And shaping them like gingerbread men?  That’s why we love you, Peeps.

Any we missed?  Let us know!



Everything Taco For Taco Day

Tacos… ah, tacos.  Just saying it makes me hungry and happy all at the same time.  Is there anything better than a taco?  You’re thinking about it now aren’t you?  And you’re having trouble, huh?  Everyone loves a good taco, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who does not.  And because of our love of tacos, October 4th has been named National Taco Day.  So let’s go through a little run down about everything taco.

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National Coffee Day: Free Coffee Comes With a Dark Side

Drink your coffee, but be prepared to take responsibility for it.

Drink your coffee, but be prepared to take responsibility for it.

Today was National Coffee Day, a day in which millions of Americans acquired free coffee or otherwise consumed more caffeine than normal.  For many this was a reason to rejoice, but there is a dangerous dark side to this national festivity that many are not aware of. Continue reading

Songs About Coffee for Coffee Day

Thanks to Facebook I have learned that today is National Coffee Day.  I personally find coffee abhorrent.  It’s bitter and all around awful, even mounds of sugar and gallons of cream can barely mask it’s downright nasty taste.  HOWEVER!  I also understand it’s importance to millions of people worldwide.  And since I like to try to think of the big picture, I do what I can to be helpful and supportive (while still getting my jabs in).  So since there are no ‘coffee carols’ (yet) here are some songs about coffee for you to enjoy on this day, National Coffee Day.

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Adventures in Traegering: Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

It’s the weekend, get your grills out!

JR's Wild West


I’ve written in other posts about the bastardization of tacos and lasagna, so why stop there?  Let’s Frankenstein some pizza pie!

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After 400 Hours of Food Network, Aspiring Chef Almost Ready to Attempt First Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Artist's Rendition of the early 2000's... Wait, that's a real person?  No way.

Artist’s Rendition of the early 2000’s… Wait, that’s a real person? No way.

COEUR D’ALENE, ID — Jonathon Naglesmith, descendant of the famed nagle-makers of Olde Englande, has announced today that he is nearly ready to take on the challenge of his life.  For the past five years, Jonathon has been looking forward to the day when he would finally be ready to start cooking, and his announcement today was to let the world know that… he’s almost there.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Sponsors World’s First Tater Skin Graft

Hector Jiminez’ arm, post-surgery

GAINESVILLE, FL– People use a number of different words to describe Hector Jiminez– punctual; dapper; independent; short–  but the word most used to describe Hector Jiminez today? Delicious.

Hector has been a cook at Buffalo Wild Wings, the popular sports bar, for nearly 8 years, so when he suffered third, fourth, and possibly fifth degree burns to his left forearm, “B-Dubs” was more than happy to take on the responsibility of caring for their employee.

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We Sent Our Foreign Correspondent to Belgium and All She Did Was Drink Beer

I recently went to Belgium, Brussels and Bruges to be specific.  During this trip I drank many beers. I am a beer enthusiast, in that I like to drink and try different beers. Don’t expect snooty language about palates and essences (except for “quaffable” but that’s just fun to say). So here are some simple reviews of several Belgian beers by someone who likes to drink beer but doesn’t know much about it.  Beers are reviewed in the order I consumed them as a travelled from Brussels to Bruges and back.

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