What People Forget When Trashing DC

With Avengers: Infinity War breaking box office records (and many hearts) and Black Panther still in the top 10 grossing movies, it’s easy for Johnny-come-latelys to jump on the bandwagon of one of the internet’s favorite pass-times, trashing DC.  But what many of the trash talkers don’t realize is that they are actually stupid.  Here’s why.

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In Defense of ‘Martha’


It’s been over a year since Warner Brothers dropped Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on a bewildered public, and to this day I still see and hear weak jabs at the infamous ‘Martha’ scene. So let’s clear the air and try to get some understanding

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Graphic Dudity talks Suicide Squad

The much anticipated Suicide Squad film dropped this past weekend.  It both bombed with critics and broke box office records, so which side will we take?  We also continue our segments on Pokemon GO, Top 5s and new segments Speed Round and Read List.


Graphic Dudity Episode 1: Convention Etiquette

In a continued effort to bring you thoughtful original content, TMS is proud (possibly indifferent) to present the first episode of Graphic Dudity by our own TMS staffers Josh X Henderson and Brandon Meseure!

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Why Hasn’t Trump Attacked The Monthly Spew? -or- The Only Blog Run Exclusively By Undocumented Immigrants

When dealing with a personality like Donald trump (perhaps personality is too strong?), you have to treat the situation like moving a heavy China hutch full of your mom’s snowglobe collection.  Continue reading

Overlooked Life Hacks

You’ve all seen the lists of life hacks.  Usually 37 to 248 hacks long, half of them total BS like toilet paper roll speakers and or crap that you already know.  But some things still get left out.  Let’s take a look.

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Timehop App Allows Your ‘Friends’ to Not Care All Over Again


Timehop’s mascot is a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are as extinct as your future, as long as you keep wasting your time on timehop.

Do you remember that funny status you wrote 3 years ago?  Nobody does, and Timehop is here to remind everyone!

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Hank Pym and Tony Stark are the Entitled Assholes of the MCU!

More like Jerk Supreme if you ask me..

More like Jerk Supreme if you ask me…

I recently saw Ant-Man.  Good film, excellent addition to the MCU and its push to take superhero movies in new directions.  I enjoyed that they turned it into a heist movie and thought Paul Rudd did a great job.  I also loved Michael Douglas in the role of an elderly, retired Hank Pym who had history with Tony Stark’s dad, old-school SHIELD, and the continually-fantastic Hayley Atwell’s Agent Carter.  But what was maddening was that it continued the tradition of focusing on an amazing technological breakthrough that has to be kept out of the public at all costs.  Hank Pym and Tony Stark are both brilliant scientists and developers that are keeping miraculous scientific advancements from being able to change the world for the better. Continue reading

Why Does This Immigrant Family Refuse to Assimilate Into American Culture?

The faces of unrepentant un-American immigrants.

The faces of unrepentant un-American immigrants.

WESTFIELD, NJ — It seems that no part of America, no matter how far from the border, no matter how steeped in Americana, no matter how bloviating its governor, can escape the scourge of immigrant families refusing to adapt to local traditions and culture.  As the platonic ideal of Republican genius Donald Trump rallies all good-thinking, classy Americans to take up arms against unfenced borders, there remains at least one family in New England unswayed.  They have lived in America for decades and yet they have refused to give up their silly Old World customs and assimilate into America.  This mysterious and spooky clan goes by the archaic and Un-American name ‘Addams Family’ (no good American name has useless double consonants).  They have been squatting on prime New Jersey soil for longer than anyone can remember, and yet they hardly seem American at all.

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Why July 4th SUCKS

Ba-BOOM!  4th of July is everything great about America: Massive availability of explosives.

Ba-BOOM! 4th of July is everything great about America: Massive availability of explosives.

Ok, the 4th of July doesn’t REALLY suck.  It’s pretty cool, actually.  There’s fireworks, barbecue, fireworks, watermelon, fireworks, the celebration of freedom… it’s everything great about America all rolled up into one awesome party.  If it wasn’t for July 4th and the other events of our Independence, we might be sipping tea somewhere or (depending on where you live) part of some Spanish or French colony.  But it’s not ALL sunshine and roses.  Here’s some of the reasons Independence Day SUCKS.

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