Wal-Mart Declared Free of Ghosts {CORRECTED}


No ghosts here, people. Just fine products at cheap prices due to some pretty terrible labor regulation.

In a surprise move all Wal-Marts have been declared ghostless by the Ghost Hunters of America Club.  This is certainly seen as good news for Wal-Mart’s thousands and thousands of customers, but the company’s shockingly wealthy owners have expressed some ambivalence.  That concern seemed to be borne out in after-hours trading as Wal-Mart’s stock took a dip and briefly manifested as a screaming, transparent child. Continue reading

Everything Taco For Taco Day

Tacos… ah, tacos.  Just saying it makes me hungry and happy all at the same time.  Is there anything better than a taco?  You’re thinking about it now aren’t you?  And you’re having trouble, huh?  Everyone loves a good taco, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who does not.  And because of our love of tacos, October 4th has been named National Taco Day.  So let’s go through a little run down about everything taco.

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Local Video Store Appears Oblivious To Reality


The last 7 years have not been kind to Ray’s Corner Video.  With the popularity of Netflix, Redbox, and recreational blindness on the rise, a store specializing in VHS, Beta Max, and LazerDisc has a lot of much healthier competition.  And despite hundreds of abandoned Blockbuster storefronts are now filled with millions of hermit crabs, store owner Jarek Oleksandr maintains a sickeningly positive outlook.
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Songs About Coffee for Coffee Day

Thanks to Facebook I have learned that today is National Coffee Day.  I personally find coffee abhorrent.  It’s bitter and all around awful, even mounds of sugar and gallons of cream can barely mask it’s downright nasty taste.  HOWEVER!  I also understand it’s importance to millions of people worldwide.  And since I like to try to think of the big picture, I do what I can to be helpful and supportive (while still getting my jabs in).  So since there are no ‘coffee carols’ (yet) here are some songs about coffee for you to enjoy on this day, National Coffee Day.

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Country Act Rascal Flatts Admitted to Mental Health Facility

Rascal Flatts performing for the other patients in the common room

Country music act Rascall Flatts, comprising of Gary LeVox (lead vocals), Jay DeMarcus (bass guitar, keyboards, background vocals) and Joe Don Rooney (electric guitar, background vocals), was forcibly admitted to a mental health facility in their native state of Ohio early this morning.

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Father’s Day Revisions Cause Holiday Changes Across the Board

 With Father’s Day coming up soon, the ultra-politically correct are already gearing up to wish single mothers everywhere ‘Happy Father’s Day’ but their well-meaning actions are causing changes to holidays calendar-wide.

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