The Staff

The Monthly Spew is: 


Cthulhu – Editor-in-Chief, Senior Contributor 


Dustin League – Senior Editor, Junior Contributor


Joey Henderson – Senor Editor, Contributor Mentor

Our cold, callous hero discovers all his friends and family are dead.

Josh Henderson – Contributor

futurama cartoons screenshots turanga leela zapp brannigan 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperno.com_70

MCGJustice – Contributor, Champion of Justice


StubbyTumps – Contributor, Games Reviewer

Our History

The Product:  The Monthly Spew started off in 2000 as a printed fanzine in the tradition of the punk fanzine’s of yore, mostly dedicated to music but with our own style of humor and silliness thrown in.  We were high schoolers then, and that’s where we peddled our wares.  Being high schoolers, we didn’t always get along and the magazine was produced off and on by this member or that and it’s contents depended on who was producing it until eventually we all quit making it.
Several times over the years one original member or another tried to restart The Monthly Spew in blog or Myspace form, all of which failed miserably.  It wasn’t until all 3 of the original mainstays banded together in early 2015 that The Monthly Spew finally took off again in proper fashion.

The Name:  The name The Monthly Spew is derived from a drink we used to make called ‘Monkey Spew’.  Monkey Spew was produced by mixing several different flavors of generic soda (orange, grape, grapefruit, etc, 2 liter bottles preferred) and several different flavors of Kool Aid or Kool Aid imitations products.  (1 packet per 2 liter bottle).  The result was a very tart, very sugary, very fruity, confusing stomach wrecker of a beverage.  The name Monkey Spew came from a stick figure cartoon drawn by one of us ‘advertising’ for Monkey Spew, an extreme soda that made you puke.  (Or was perhaps made out of puke? I forget)  The inspiration for Monkey Spew was, obviously, Mountain Dew.


One thought on “About

  1. Maybe you guys should have just started off selling that drink, it may have become a real hit instead of making the magazine off and on, then maybe we would have gotten some ‘Monkey Spew’ here in the UK…


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